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Facebook Ads Extension For Kodular

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Banner Ads

There are 3 Banner Ads. Sizing and Other Details Given Below :

Ad FormatAdSize ReferenceSize
Standard BannerBANNER_50320×50
Large BannerBANNER_90320×90
Medium RectangleRECTANGLE_HEIGHT_250320×250

Interstitial Ads

Load the Interstitial Ads Using The LoadInterstitialAd Function. Show the Interstitial Ad After it has Finished Loading. (Make Sure to Show the Loaded Ad within 60mins or else it will be Invalid )

Rewarded Ads

Load Rewarded Ads using the Load Rewarded Ad Block and Show it after the Ad has been loaded. Rewarded Ad Loaded lets you know when an ad is successfully loaded. Use the Rewarded Ad Error Occurred Block to get the error messages.

Native Ad

The Native Ad will be Rendered by the Extension. Load the Native Ad Using this Function. You can manually set the Colors of the Buttons, Texts, etc. The size of the Add will be the same as your Container i.e.. Horizontal or Vertical Arrangement.


You can Know why the Ad is not Loading or Displaying Using these Blocks.



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